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Hi, we are Jordan and Katie. We are speakers, coaches, podcast hosts, and online course creators who after working with thousands of professionals in the industry, have developed an obsession and passion for helping salon, spa, and beauty pros generate more clients, more income, and build their dream lifestyle and business. 

We help professionals who are amazing at what they do, attract the clients they love, charge what they're worth, build their following, and advance their expertise. Our mission is to help 10,000 professionals escape BEING A SLAVE to their business and achieve financial freedom without being stuck behind the chair or in their salon.

In 2017, we were introduced to the industry when our first beauty business generated $4,500 in the first week... and over $100,000 PROFIT in the first year. We soon developed a passion for the industry and  helping others and have now gone on to working with thousands of professionals, experts, and influencers in the industry. 

We've assisted many professionals to a six-figure income level and beyond, some of which are reaching MILLION DOLLAR businesses with our help. 

We pride ourselves in helping professionals better GET WHAT THEY ARE WORTH by best monetizing their passion while generating more clients, creating amazing content, and creating large, highly profitable systems that allow them to grow without working their butts off in the treatment room or behind the chair.


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