Hi, we are Jordan and Katie. We are speakers, coaches, podcast hosts, and online course creators who love helping salon, spa, and beauty pros generate more clients and more income for their business. We help professionals who are amazing at what they do, charge what they're worth, build their following, and find ways to advance their expertise without being stuck behind the chair or in their salon.

In 2017, we were introduced to the industry when our first beauty business generated $4,500 in the first week... We soon developed a passion for the industry and for helping others and have now gone on to working with hundreds of professionals, experts, and influencers in the industry.

We've assisted dozens of professionals to a six-figure income level and many more have taken their expertise online.

We pride ourselves in helping professionals better monetize their passion by assisting them in generating more clients, creating amazing content, and creating large, highly profitable systems that allow them to grow without working their butts off in the treatment room or behind the chair.


I’m a Real Beauty Boss… 

I share my god-given talents with the world.

 I’m an expert in my space. 

I’m on a mission to positively influence people’s lives.

So join me on this journey, or get out of the way!

 I’m committed to getting myself out there and making a difference.

 I motivate and inspire others daily. 

I’m not perfect, but I tackle fear and self-doubt like a boss.

 I don’t give up even when faced with adversity.

 I shine bright no matter what.

 I am NOT a victim or complainer.

 I am a lifelong student.

 I’m an action taker.

 I do the work and make no excuses.

 I know that no growth happens in my comfort zone so I stay the heck away from it!

 I have faith, and I do things even when I’m scared.

 I know my worth and charge accordingly.

 I know that by giving to others will allow me to have everything I want in life.

 I am part of a movement that I want you to join, one decision is all it takes and that decision is to live life as a real beauty boss, whatever it takes!


Jordan Kee

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Katie White

Chief Operating Officer, Founder

Alex Gornick

Chief Marketing Officer, Founder

Candice White

Lead Billing Specialist

Gina Hughes

Client Success Administrator

Nellie Garcia

Sales Administrator

Sascha Telatnik

Operational Assistant

Omar Urzi Morera

Operational Assistant

Nehuén Esteban López Pini

Operational Assistant

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