LIVE NOW: 'Booked & Busy In 30 Days' Challenge!

 Attention: Salon Owners, Spa Owners, and Beauty Professionals...

Give Us Just 90 Minutes…

And We’ll Show You How To Quickly Get...

Booked & Busy 
In LESS Than 30 Days... 🤑

And Start Attracting 5-10+ NEW High Ticket Clients Every Single Week On Social Media!

...WITHOUT the fear of adding more hours, stress, or overwhelm to your work week! 🤯
(Even if you’re NOT Tech Savvy and SUCK at Social Media...! 🤗)

 Attention: Salon Owners, Spa Owners, and Beauty Professionals...

Give Us Just 90 Minutes…

And We’ll Show You How to Quickly

Fill Your Books In 30 Days Or LESS...

And Start Attracting 30+ NEW High Ticket Clients Every Single Week!

(WITHOUT wasting time & money or stressing yourself out! Even if you’re Not Tech Savvy, and don’t even know what a funnel is yet..!) 

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There Are ONLY 3 Ways To Grow Your Salon, Spa, Or Beauty Business Online...

...and If You Focus On The Wrong One, It Could Cost You Everything… 

 Watch This Video From ‘Real Beauty Bosses’ Below And Join The Challenge Today!

Meet Your Hosts, 

Jordan & Katie!

Want To Know HOW We Took A Salon/Spa From ZERO To 1M…? 

AND how we’ve helped 121+ ‘Real Beauty Bosses” TAKE HOME an EXTRA $12,849.52 PROFIT (CONSISTENTLY) less than 6 months…

One Word… a “Funnel”!

After working with over 4,500 + Salon, Spa, and Beauty Professionals… across 48+ different types of services across the world…

We’ve Discovered The #1 Marketing Strategy For Salon, Spa, and Beauty Professionals!
And it’s called… A Funnel!

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Meet Other Salon, Spa, And Beauty Professionals (Just like You)!

The “Butts in Seats” Challenge Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step

How To “Plug & Play” Your Services And Launch Your First Funnel Online…

…And Begin Generating FLOODS Of New Clients & appointments Without Wasting Any Time And Money Or “Stressing Yourself Out”

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Each Part Of The

90 Minute “Butts in Seats Challenge”!

  PART 1

Funnel Modeling…

We’re not going to waste any time! We’ll Kick off the “Butts in Seats Challenge” by sharing the EXACT funnels working RIGHT NOW for other salon, spa, and beauty professionals (Just like you) and help you see which funnel is right for YOU and your unique services!

You’ll walk away having learned…
  • Funnel Modeling 101! How to “Model” & clone what’s working RIGHT NOW and use it for your own business
  • What Funnel is right for your types of services? (and why getting started is a lot easier than you think…)
  • ​Plus TONS of PROVEN Funnel Examples & Templates! Including what’s working right now for the following services:
  • Salon Owners
  • ​MedSpas
  • ​Colorists
  • ​Massage Therapy
  • ​Extension Specialists
  • ​and much more...

  PART 2

Your First Funnel…

In part two, we’ll show you the first funnel EVERYONE should build, regardless of where you are located or what services you offer. This is when we start plugging stuff into YOUR funnel, and prepare for it to go LIVE

You’ll walk away having learned…
  • The #1 most successful funnel for salon, spa, and beauty professionals that gets your IDEAL clients reaching out to YOU to book an appointment… without having spend a ton of money on marketing or advertising
  • How to quickly create irresistible “Habit Breaking” offers that actually STAND OUT on social media and get your clients to pay attention & immediately reach out to book an appointment with you
  • ​Text & Email Follow-Ups! Discover the THREE types of Text & Emails EVERYONE must use, and how to easily write them in a single afternoon, even if you think you suck at writing or don’t know what words to say!!

  PART 3

Attract, Book, Close…

Want to know the real secret that BLOWS UP our salon, spa, and beauty businesses virtually overnight..??

In part 3, we’ll help you create the “backbone” and infrastructure for your business that will allow your clients to immediately fall in love with you.

You’ll walk away having learned…
  • FREE Marketing secrets that no one else is doing and have the potential to attract UNLIMITED clients that pay, stay, and refer!
  • How to “Copy and Paste” our PROVEN appointment setting scripts that attract your ideal clients… and convert them into booked & confirmed appointments that SHOW UP ready to buy!
  • ​Why most “BIG BRANDS”, Franchises, and Corporations FAIL when it comes to retaining their clients, and how to position yourself as the #1 go-to expert in your space!

  PART 4

The Client
Multiplier Formula!

Where are your “Ideal Clients” hanging out and how can YOU get in front of them?

In part 4, we’ll show you “Behind the Scenes” of the EXACT ads, posts, templates, and scripts our 6/7 Fig. Salon, Spa, and Beauty Professionals are using to open the floodgates and EXPLODE their business!

You’ll walk away having learned…
  • How to tap into our “Goldmine” of PROVEN ads, posts, templates and scripts that are GUARANTEED to work!
  • How to consistently bring in new clients, new customers, and new appointments on AUTOPILOT, Without a large social media following or needing to be “tech savvy”!
  • ​How to easily create a WINNING CONTENT CALENDAR that crushes on Facebook™ and Instagram™.

  PART 5


In Part 5, we’re going to cross the finish line and get your funnel launched!

You’ll walk away having learned…
  • The secret mindset hack that helps break down mental “blocks” & “barriers” that hold us back from being successful - so you can feel deep down that YES, you can do this!
  • How to “Track” your numbers the RIGHT WAY and start increasing your revenue, profit, average ticket price, and client lifetime value, all at the same time. 
  • ​‘Real Beauty Bosses’ 6/7 Fig. Success Stories that will inspire you to think outside the box, try new things, and grow a highly successful & profitable business that achieves YOUR goals!

What Are You Waiting For!?

This is literally The BEST Time To Launch Your Funnel… And Start Growing Your Business So You Can FINALLY Begin Achieving The Dream, Lifestyle, and FREEDOM You’ve Imagined Since You First Opened Your Doors!

PLUS Get our FREE Proven “Plug & Play” Marketing Funnel after the challenge & a TON of amazing bonuses!!! (You don’t want to miss this…)

Ready To Learn How To Grow A Thriving, Successful, and Profitable Salon, Spa, Or Beauty Business In Just 90 Minutes?

What You Can Expect From The “Butts in Seats Challenge!”

Before The Challenge

  • OVERWHELMED with feelings of anxiety, stress, frustration, and uncertainty
  • Questioning if you or your business is ever going to be “successful” or “good enough”
  • Feeling STUCK in your personal & professional life & business
  • ​Feel like you are worthy and capable of success, but just don’t know where to start…

After The Challenge

  • Achieve a crystal clear path, vision, and direction for you and your business
  • Feel CONFIDENT you are making the right moves and moving forward in the right direction
  • Have a step-by-step action plan & “Blueprint” to achieving your goals
  • Gain the drive, motivation, and confidence you need to build the business of your dreams!

But That’s Not All!

The Same Reason We Stay After The Credits At The Movie Theater, You’ll Want To Stick Around After The Challenge Because…


That’s right… we are all about OVER-DELIVERING as much value as possible so you are not only getting your funnel up and live… but you’ll also start getting a FLOOD of NEW clients that pay, stay, and refer. (Which means the more you are able to take home for yourself!)


Virtual Interviews With Some Of The World’s Most Successful & Profitable Salon Owners, Spa Owners, and Beauty Professionals

When you register for The “Butts in Seats Challenge” today, you’ll also get the rare chance to learn from

Worried that you don’t have any time or money to waste on marketing or advertising?

Don’t panic… We’ve also included the “Behind The Playbooks” from two of our top Real Beauty Bosses member’s businesses who will let you peek over their shoulders and see how they have been able to build & grow MILLION DOLLAR brands by focusing on organic marketing methods on social media


Get Clients WITHOUT spending a penny on marketing or advertising!

We’re going to give you 2 Special “Behind The Scenes Playbooks” where you’ll get to learn from…

Master Playbooks from TOP Beauty Bosses!

Here at Real Beauty Bosses, we've taken FIVE salons and spas to the 7-figure mark and COUNTLESS others to $10K, $25K, $50K, and even $100K per month. What if you could skip the guesswork and reverse engineer success from those in the industry who have "been there and done that"?

In our Master Playbook, we'll show you how our TOP Beauty Bosses use Funnels and ORGANIC Social Media Marketing to promote their business, grow a high-performance Team & Staff, and CONSISTENTLY fill their books with high paying clients that pay, stay, and refer.

You’ll learn how you can ethically steal their secrets for your own business and start attracting high-paying clients into your funnel virtually overnight!


Special Funnel Launch Sessions!

How would you like to learn THE BEST funnel that works specifically for your type of services..?

Imagine having a high-converting, proven funnel where all you have to do is “PLUG AND PLAY” your business’s name, images, and services, click the LAUNCH button, and BAM! NEW Clients!!

We invited the TOP EXPERTS in their field to show us the exact funnel that is CRUSHING it for them right NOW.

And then… and this part is crazy… we’re going to GIVE YOU their winning funnel for FREE!

Here’s the line-up of salon, spa, and beauty industry experts that will be sharing their secrets…

Here’s Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The… 

“Butts in Seats Challenge”!

  • FREE! 90 jam-packed minutes of learning how to get more clients & grow your business with a funnel - hosted by Jordan, Katie, and 20+ highly-successful (and wildly profitable) salon, spa, and beauty professionals (who were once exactly where you’re at right now!)
  • FREE! Access to our private “Real Beauty Bosses” community, where you can share wins, ask questions, collect more ideas & “money making breakthroughs”, and get motivated & inspired!
  • ​FREE! The secret “behind the scenes” resources, knowledge, and tools that can help “leap-frog” your business, brand, and your funnel so you can start getting more clients & growing your business virtually overnight!


  • BONUS! Virtual Interviews With Some Of The World’s Most Profitable Salon Owners, Spa Owners, and Beauty Professionals! Learn from the top 1% of Industry Professionals on how to take your passion and turn it into a highly-profitable business!
  • BONUS! Get Clients WITHOUT Spending A Penny on Marketing or Advertising! Learn from the top Real Beauty Bosses members on how to produce tens of thousands of in PROFIT consistently and predictably… without wasting any time, money, or stressing yourself out!
  • BONUS! Special Funnel Launch Sessions! Learn the top-performing funnels that are working right now for people offering the EXACT same services as you… and then get THOSE EXACT funnels installed into your “MyBoss” account for FREE!

Normally: $3,000 Value

Today: 100% FREE!

PLUS Get our FREE Proven “Plug & Play” Marketing Funnel after the challenge & a TON of amazing bonuses!!! (You don’t want to miss this…)


90-Minute Virtual Event: The “Funnel Launch Challenge”!


TODAY @ 11 AM & 7 PM


Because 2023 Is YOUR Year To Grow A Highly Successful & Wildly Profitable Salon, Spa, Or Beauty Business!

Now’s The Time To Act!

Ready To Learn How To Get More Clients & Launch Your First Funnel In Just 90 Minutes?

Learn from Jordan, Katie, and 20+ other salon, spa, and beauty professionals on how to get more clients & grow your business by launching your first funnel So you can FINALLY achieve the dreams, lifestyle, and FREEDOM you imagined when you first opened your doors!
PLUS Get our FREE Proven “Plug & Play” Marketing Funnel after the challenge & a TON of amazing bonuses!!! (You don’t want to miss this…)
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