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How To Get Your Books Jam-Packed with High-Paying, High-Quality,
Salon, Spa, and Beauty Clients Who NEED Your Services...
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Jordan Kee, October 30th, 2019
Why are most Salon, Spa, and Beauty Business owners still struggling while others are having trouble keeping up with a crazy inflow of new clients?

It's probably because most are STUCK…unwilling to adapt to the modern (proven) ways of growing a Salon, Spa, or Beauty Business…

Stubbornly leaving behind what could be their one chance at success and freedom.

Do they ENJOY the time spent away from their family while slaving away behind the chair?

Do they CRAVE missing out on quality mother-daughter, or father-son time for that crazy Saturday shift that (might…) get them ahead on bills for the week IF their clients actually show up?

Do they like sitting in an empty salon, suite, or studio waiting, hoping, and praying someone will walk in the door?

Our guess is a big fat NO.

They don’t take any pleasure in these things at all!

They just don’t know what they should or can do. They haven’t had anyone to ACTUALLY guide them through a proven process that really works.

The process of getting new clients (100’s) coming in and paying top-dollar for their services CONSISTENTLY.

The process of getting them to actually show up to their appointments ON TIME.

And the PROVEN way to get them to whip out their credit card and happily prebook their next service because they LOVE you and your quality of work…

Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to Working yourself to death with little to show for it and STOP dealing with Staff Turnover, High Expenses, LOW PROFITS and Slow Months FOR GOOD?

Trust me, you won’t have much time for these annoying problems anymore (unless you hire an assistant or manager directly from the impact of our system like some of our clients) but they’d rather spend that time enjoying life OUTSIDE the Salon/Spa/Studio walls….traveling and spending time with friends and family!!! (see proof below)
Listen, I know exactly what you’re thinking...and your "What's the catch" radar is probably going through the roof right now. 

We aren’t some losers with a laptop and a couple of hours of YouTube education.

We’ve built REAL businesses, and helped build REAL SALONS, REAL SPAS, and REAL BEAUTY BUSINESSES of ALL SERVICES, growing them to Six-Figures and even Seven-Figures from the wildfire inflow of new clients (people who were just like you…)

With results like these (below) you can see why we haven’t needed to advertise yet….
"Before this I was spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars with no results. Now the traffic to my salon is crazy! I just had a $30,000 Week!"
"I had calls coming in during this video! This is the best thing I have ever invested in! I've spent so much on marketing in the past and my dream is finally coming true."
"At first I was hesitant.... I've tried several different programs in the past that failed. But holy crap, all I can say now is JUST DO IT."
Bree Harper has used the scripts to make $500-$1,000+ income extra every week and now has more time with family!
"We started with them on Friday... By Monday... I had 11 new appointments and $4,500 in the door!"
"I was initially a little skeptical... but no joke... within the first 24 hours I had booked $450 in appointments."
So...what if you had a system that predictably produced the desired amount of  clients you and your Salon, Spa, or Beauty Business want every single month?
And what if that system worked both ON DEMAND when you needed it, and also in the background, on autopilot, while you focus on doing what you do best... Attracting more attention, Getting more referrals, and Building your team and staff while Serving your clients to the highest level?

What if you had a reliable marketing and advertising strategy that actually worked, at a fraction of the cost that...

Works immediately and fits right into your current processes (So you can get everything and more out of the work you are already putting in)

Is a SURE-THING that you don't have to hope and pray is going to work (Providing you with the confidence, security, and reassurance that when put in the limited time, energy, and effort you have, that it will actually result in more clients, more money, and more growth for you and your business)

Efficiently builds momentum over time that will generate a massive inflow of new potential clients year-round (Turning you and your business into an appointment setting machine...even if you've never had experience with online marketing and advertising before)

Focuses both on short-term results to get CASH IN HAND while also continually building measurable long-term solutions (Creating strong foundations and duplicatable processes for your Salon, Spa, or Beauty business that you can use to get a quick injection of cash, sustain steady growth, or even use to go big and expand into new locations)

Stays current, up to date, and on top of modern marketing trends so you don't have to... (No more sleepless nights trying to figure out the latest "Facebook™ or Instagram Ad™" that MIGHT or MIGHT NOT produce the results you want IF you fall into the booby trap of boosting that post for an extra $5-10 a day)

Gives you INSIDER ACCESS to the BEST training available for attracting, booking, closing, and duplicating new clients from Facebook™ and Instagram™ (You won't be able to find this anywhere else...)

You'd no longer be at the mercy of all the unpredictable sources you are relying on now like how many referral cards you gave away last month or how many people might stumble across your useless website...

And your "best" months now, will eventually be considered your "slowest" months...

How would it FEEL to wake up 30 days from today and SMILE knowing you're more than on track to exceed the goals and dreams you've set for yourself and your salon?

How good would it feel to watch those stressful, stacking bills and debts FINALLY start to dwindle and shrink away into nothing, because you've created the consistent cash flow that will wipe it all out in no time?

What difference would it make in your relationships with your spouse or kids to be able to FINALLY take them on trips and vacations ANYWHERE you wanted WITHOUT stressing out about the cost or the sh*t-show you're going to have to come back to when you get home?

This is exactly what we do for our clients.

And for a limited time, we're opening up our program to select Salon, Spa, and Beauty Professionals all over the United States.

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I promise you, the value that you receive from this call will be enough to pay for your time 100x over if you implement the strategy we design for you (even if we don't accept you as a client...seriously we turn away 70% of applicants)

And if you don't feel you got any value from the call we'll even give you $100 for "wasting your time"...

THAT'S how confident we are that you'll be blown away by our team and our process.
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Isn't it time YOU get to experience what it's like to...
→ Have TOO MANY clients
→ Scramble to hire new staff and an assistant because you're growing SO FAST
→ Take a 100% stress-free vacation without worrying about being scared to look at 'the numbers in your bank account' when you get back
→ Confidently KNOW you're on track to DOUBLE your Salon, Spa, or Beauty Business in the next 90 Days...
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...And if that isn't enough for you. Read below to check out PROOF that our clients are not only getting new leads and inquires, but NEW BUTTS-IN-SEATS THAT ACTUALLY PAY HIGH-DOLLAR FOR YOUR SERVICES!!!!
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