Hi, we are Jordan and Katie. We are speakers, coaches, podcast hosts, and online course creators who love helping salon, spa, and beauty pros generate more clients and more income for their business. We help professionals who are amazing at what they do, charge what they're worth, build their following, and find ways to advance their expertise without being stuck behind the chair or in their salon.

In 2017, we were introduced to the industry when our first beauty business generated $4,500 in the first week... We soon developed a passion for the industry and for helping others and have now gone on to working with hundreds of professionals, experts, and influencers in the industry.

We've assisted dozens of professionals to a six-figure income level and many more have taken their expertise online.

We pride ourselves in helping professionals better monetize their passion by assisting them in generating more clients, creating amazing content, and creating large, highly profitable systems that allow them to grow without working their butts off in the treatment room or behind the chair.


We always joke that we "accidentally" fell into the salon, spa and beauty industry.

Through a long series of events (that entire story, if you want all the details, we shared here) we ended up starting a education company, sharing loads of strategies, tips and tricks we learned to help any beauty pro, regardless of how long they've been in the industry, grow and manage their business.

We began doing live trainings and started a online university. We've now evolved into blogs, podcasts, a youtube channel and so many other ways of sharing our message, strategies and life lessons with the industry. We shared the ups and downs of being a #beautyboss, and our own struggles with managing a business, life, a family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the process.

The more we shared, the more the Beauty Boss Tribe grew...

Suddenly, we had a tribe of men and women alike who were just like us. We weren't alone. And inside that community came strength, solidarity, and a belief that we could do these hard things. A village of people who could help guide each other through struggles they all face each and every day.

We became a community of beauty bosses supporting beauty bosses. sharing real experiences.

So, we made it a mission to start talking about things that nobody talks about. 

We are SO excited for new programs we have coming out on the horizon: programs to master balancing a beauty boss lifestyle, programs to master Instagram and build a local following that gets clients, programs to help put systems in place that radically change the way your business runs… and so much more. These programs can help beauty bosses achieve a balanced, plentiful, fulfilling lifestyle.

I think "success" looks different to every single person.

But, I do believe that success in business, success in your lifestyle, and success in your health and finances can be achieved for every single person who joins our community. I know… because I’ve been there. I believe in you. Let me show you how it is possible.

Your friends,

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