"We booked $6,500 in NEW appointments in the last two days alone! It's worth it!" 

"So far I've booked 6 new clients and my ad just started! I can't thank Jordan and Katie enough"

"I was able to book 3 yesterday and 2 today. I'm super excited!"

"They're not just bringing me any clientele - it's clientele that I enjoy and that I WANT to keep in my chair!"

"I was initially a little skeptical... but no joke... within the
first 24 hours I had booked $450 in appointments."

"Jordan and Katie you guys are awesome! I tried just one social media post of yours and got 20 comments and 3 booked appointments!"

"Last week I got 2 new clients! Thank you Jordan and Katie! I'm not the most tech-savvy - but I'm doing it!"

"I've never had a group of professionals that I could talk to and be honest. I am really thankful to have you guys."

"I got 17 new, regular clients off one post who have all rebooked AND given be referrals!"

"I got 12 new clients last month and doubled my client base!"

"I've been getting so many calls and I JUST opened! This has been amazing and is changing my life."

"I'm booked out all the way through October with clients from my ad!"

"It is worth every penny and the investment will come back to you ten-fold"

"More importantly, we have gained new clientele and traffic into our salon!"

"I decided to jump in and I have to say it was the best decision I made"

"7 days of their training and look where it's already getting me. Because of this I can breathe when my employees take a vacation!"

"21 new people just from the LITTLE things they teach! I haven't even done the whole system yet!"

"Ring the bell! I have booked 3 weddings in the last 24 hours. About $8-$10,000 in services!"

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